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Beats Swiss Mixed Star

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  • can be eaten fresh
  • are polpular for salad
  • good for health
how to plant
seeds soak in water 8-12 hours, then sprinkle the seeds in a hole, 2-5 holes each. Watered seeds after clearing the soil, be careful not to let the seeds splatter. After seed sprinkling 7-14 days, the seeds germinate through 15 days. Apply 46-0-0 rabbit fertilizer, dissolve 1 tablespoon water per 5 liters of water, add fertilizer every 7 days after planting 60 to 70 days.
Light: Normal sun
Water: cold watering
Difficulty level: easy
Bevishards recommendations
are like hot outdoors, and they like to have good soil.
Beet swissards can be eaten fresh. Or cooked Popular in the form of salads.

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