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Passover Darki

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  • help freshen the breath
  • Passley can deodorize garlic as well
  • good for health
how to plant
seeds in water for 8-12 hours, then sprinkle seeds 2-5 seeds per hole into the soil by watering the seeds, being careful not to splash. After seeds sprinkle 7-10 days, the seeds germinate through 15 days. Apply 46-0-0 rabbit fertilizer dissolved in 1 tablespoon water per 5 liters of water. Fertilizer every 7 days after planting 60-80 days, it can keep. eat Storage will remove the petiole. By hand pull the petals from the tree. In each harvest The leaves are 2-3 leaves per leaf after the first collection of about 15-20 days, then the leaves will be new leaves.
Light: Normal sun
Water: cold watering
Difficulty level: easy
can be used to chew the pasta. To help freshen the breath. Passley can deodorize garlic as well.

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